Friday, May 4, 2007

On Giuliani Being a Loser

Below, DC noted that Rudy Giuliani was the loser of last night's debate. To be honest, I didn't catch the whole debate, but I did see at least one interesting moment that I think supports this conclusion.

Chris Matthews asked each candidate how he would be different from George W. Bush. While most candidates qualified their criticisms with veils of praise for our president, Giuliani made no criticism whatsoever. He basically said that history will remember Bush as one of the greats for starting to War on Terror.

He's gone too far. He doesn't know how to walk the fine line of sticking to his true opinions and trying to please the conservative base. As DC said, he continues to speak out in support of abortion rights, but at the same time, he refuses to criticize President Bush when given a golden opportunity to do so in a nationally televised debate. Did he think that conservatives would be happy with him because he had nothing bad to say about Bush? I tend to have little faith in conservatives (or at least in the brand represented by Bush loyalists), but I think they can see through such nonsense. Giuliani needs to work out his positions more. He's trying to conservatize himself in some areas (and is going too far), but he's remaining a moderate in others. Sorry, Rudolph: Republican primary voters won't have it both ways.

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