Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Romney on marriage

Romney on marriage and those crazy Europeans who are destroying it:

He also criticized people who choose not to get married because they enjoy the single life.

"It seems that Europe leads Americans in this way of thinking," Romney told the crowd of more than 5,000. "In France, for instance, I'm told that marriage is now frequently contracted in seven-year terms where either party may move on when their term is up. How shallow and how different from the Europe of the past."

It should come as no surprise that he delivered these remarks at Pat Robertson's Regent University. I don't know who "told" Romney about these seven-year marriage contracts, but it's just wrong. Bradford Plumer has his theory:
There's an Orson Scott Card novel in which marriages actually are contracted out for seven years (don't ask how I know). And Romney is a big fan of sci-fi. So maybe that explains it. Except that most people don't, you know, confuse space tales with real life.

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ajlynch85 said...

maybe romney was thinking of "pacs" (Pacte civil de solidarité), which is basically type of civil union in france, but i dont know that they have expirations...
anyway, lets not forget that orson scott card is a good morman just like romney. maybe romney is actually just a fan of scifi written by people of faith (whatever faith that may be)