Thursday, June 14, 2007

Welcome, MyDD readers!

We're glad you decided to stop by. Take a look around. Our focus here at One More Political Blog is primarily on American politics, foreign policy, and the law. Check out some of our favorite posts, including Sarge's satirical advice for Keith Olbermann:

Anyone can see the problem with Olbermann’s assessment: he uses big words. Words like “asinine,” “caveat,” “benchmarks.” The average American feels the same way about big words as he does about illegal aliens: tolerable when they’re working for you, but a serious threat to self-complacency in all other aspects.

Fz's disillusionment with Joe Lieberman:
I think a "rank and file" Senate is a terrible thing for American politics. But, this has gone too far. This is not the action of a "moderate Democrat," which I sincerely thought Joe was. This is the action of a Republican.
And my thought experiment on which political parties would arise if the United States had a system of proportional representation (here, here, and here):
The old fault line between libertarians and social conservatives will finally crack. The libertarians will flourish in their own party, while the social conservatives will divide themselves into economic liberals (concerned with the environment and poverty as well as abortion) and Christianists obsessed with "family values" issues. A strong anti-immigration party could surprise the political establishment. Meanwhile, country-club Republicans will be relieved to be rid of the more embarrassing elements of the old Republican coalition.

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