Thursday, July 12, 2007

Al-Qaida Mad As Hell (And Not Going To Take It Anymore)

According to this Associated Press article, Al-Qaida, like the demonic car in Stephen King’s Christine, has managed to successfully rebuild itself:

A new threat assessment from U.S. counterterrorism analysts says that al-Qaida has used its safe haven along the Afghan-Pakistan border to restore its operating capabilities to a level unseen since the months before Sept. 11, 2001. A counterterrorism official familiar with a five-page summary of the document _ titled "Al-Qaida better positioned to strike the West" _ called it a stark appraisal. The analysis will be part of a broader meeting at the White House on Thursday about an upcoming National Intelligence Estimate.

This is not news we can take lightly, America. If we are to interpret this report correctly, we are at as great a risk of suffering a terrorist attack on our soil as we were just before 9/11. But our President would rather sit on his hands than take the bold, effective measures we need in a time like this. That is why we, the voters, need to start a massive letter-writing campaign to our congressional representatives, urging them to authorize a massive military effort to stop these terrorists before they can hit us. Specifically, we need to launch an invasion of Afghanistan.

It’s right there in the article; al-Qaida’s stronghold is the volatile region along the Afghan-Pakistan border. I have no doubt in my mind that an invasion of Afghanistan would successfully route out these terrorist elements and disrupt the well-oiled terror machine currently operating there. Should stragglers try to take refuge over the border, a combined effort on the part of the United States and our allies in Pakistan would no doubt be able to squeeze out these rats in their cave and eliminate them.

All it would take is determined, calculated effort on the part of our leaders to get this done. But alas, the current Administration would rather worry about trifling matters like immigration reform, stem-cell research and the war in Iraq to bother with the real issue at hand – terrorism. That is why we need to tell Congress, in no uncertain terms – get our troops out of Baghdad! And put them in Kabul!

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