Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Party of Family Values, Cont.

It turns out I forget to mention several other Republican sex scandals. Pam at AMERICAblog has a list of what has happened in just the past month and half, and I'm not even bothering to include the Craig and Vitter scandals when I cut and paste it here:

* Glenn Murphy, Jr., the recently elected chairman of the Young Republican National Federation, caught sexually assaulting a sleeping man.
* former White house spiritual advisor and fallen megachurch pastor Tweaker Ted "I'm completely heterosexual" Haggard asking whatever fans he has left for money.
* former NC Republican lawmaker and Christian Action League president, Coy C. Privette -- caught at the no-tell motel with a sex worker -- also guilty.
* Mark Foley is back in the news, he won’t turn over his former congressional computer to investigators.
* Rep. Bob Allen, another Republican, caught asking to blow an undercover officer and willing to pay $20 for the pleasure; currently coming up with an excuse for the day (scary black men, thunderstorms) for his same-sex appetite.
Election 2008: Boy, I'd hate to see the Democrats win and "San Francisco Values" spread across the nation!

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