Monday, September 17, 2007

No health insurance for children, gosh darn it

Whatever else you can say about President Bush, the man sure stands up for what he believes in. And, gosh darn it, he believes that providing health insurance to uninsured children is just one of those things that a freedom-loving, red-blooded American has to stand against:

WASHINGTON, Sept. 16 — Senate and House negotiators said Sunday that they had agreed on a framework for a compromise bill that would provide health insurance to four million uninsured children while relaxing some of the limits on eligibility imposed by the Bush administration.

The compromise, which resembles a bill passed by the Senate with bipartisan support, sets the stage for a battle with President Bush, who has denounced similar legislation as a step “down the path to government-run health care for every American.”

Sacrifices need to be made in the battle against government-run health care, apparently.

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Kathy said...

The United States should not have healthcare run by the government. period.

this article gives many good reasons: