Thursday, January 17, 2008

How John Edwards is Hindering Change

During the New Hampshire debate, it was clear that John Edwards considered Barack Obama something of an ally in his fight for change and that he considered Hillary Clinton no more than a determined advocate of the status quo. Well, John Edwards, by stubbornly refusing to get out of this race (maybe he'll bail after South Carolina), is giving the status quo pretty good odds of prevailing.

It's rather simple, really. The Democrats are divided into two camps: the ones who want change and the ones who trust the establishment (of course it isn't really that simple, but that's how the media is spinning it, so bear with me). Well, the change voters have two candidates to pick from: Barack Obama and John Edwards. The establishment voters have only Hillary. So, by splitting the "change" vote, Edwards is giving Hillary a better shot at victory. Polls have shown that Edwards supporters overwhelmingly choose Obama as their second choice. So, if Edwards were to drop out, Obama would see a huge jump in his numbers, probably securing the nomination in the process.

If John Edwards is sincere in his call for change, he will drop out of the race as soon as possible in order to actually give change a fighting chance. On the other hand, if he wasn't lying when he said he was in this until the convention, then all my bets are on Hillary getting the nomination.

Who knows, maybe Obama will offer Edwards the veep spot if he agrees to drop out.


Jake said...

John Edwards for president?

Christopher said...

Edwards didn't bring anything new to the table, he's a career politician that hasn't had an outstanding career or anything to bring out for 'show and tell'. Well I don't think any of the Demo's do, except for Obama's actual volunteer innercity work, but he's got to many 'here I am' votes in the Senate to actually show that he'll change anything. I believe both Demo's are about status quo, because that was nothing changes and they can keep speaking the Doom and Gloom that's been on the news lately.

When I see them on TV, I see politics as usual, no change on any issues and promises, promises, promises. Have you seen all the expansion and new programs and reforms they want to introduce to government, I think it's crazy.

I think we need to trim government down and stop being dependant on Big Brother for what we can do for ourselves, work hard, get truly educated in Science/Math and get a good job, and oh ya vote for Romney if you want this to be the platform. I don't see that message from the Demo's.

Anonymous said...

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