Wednesday, May 9, 2007

On Mitt's Advertising

It seems we like picking on Mitt here at One More Political Blog. Indeed, I refer to him by his first name in all its glory. Here's a bit more.

Mitt will be running this ad soon in New Hampshire. Perhaps I've just never taken the War on Terror seriously enough (for me, it's the nasty step-brother of the War on Drugs), but does this ad seem a bit odd to anyone else? Maybe I need to take the flowers out of my hair and trade in my VW Bus, but doesn't this seem a bit too much like Mitt is suggesting he wants to launch more wars?

Don't get me wrong; I'm no Dennis Kucinich, but at the same time, I don't think more war is a grand ol' idea. But, then again, I'm not a New Hampshire Republican primary voter.

This is a great example of why our primary system needs reworking. Nominees cater to the ideologues of their parties. Most Americans aren't hawks, but the Republicans all turn into hawks during the primary to try to win votes. Same goes for the Democrats, but on the opposite side. And, as I hopefully made clear in my last post, the moderates get left in the dust.

Indeed, many states don't allow independents to vote in the primary (Pennsylvania is one of them).

If Mitt were to somehow magically win the primary, there is no way we would see this ad in a general election campaign. And that's just not right. People are so willing to nonchalantly say "Oh, well this is a primary, so he's catering to the extreme wing of his party." As a matter of fact that's true, but as a matter of principle, it just isn't right.

Briefly, though, here's why Mitt doesn't stand a chance. He was converted by French Mormons and his favorite novel is Battlefield Earth. People will probably forget about that last part, but that Mormon thing will haunt him forever. Sorry, Mitt, Americans aren't as understanding as those hippie dippies up in Massachusetts.

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