Tuesday, August 14, 2007

NFL.com = TASS

Remember the NFL's silly new rule prohibiting online news organizations from using more than 45 seconds of video a day? The one that is supposed to increase the value of nfl.com and the team websites? The Boston Globe's editorial page asks:

Professional football wouldn't be a multibillion-dollar enterprise if the league didn't assiduously promote its own interests. But the sport could suffer if the league seeks to become the main source of information about itself. Will the official website cover the league's own doings in a straightforward way, or will it be the NFL equivalent of the Soviet-era news agency TASS?

Ouch! Does the NFL need some ice for that burn?? In all seriousness, though, the Globe has a point. There's no way that nfl.com can or should become the main source for NFL news. It seems unlikely that you'd ever find, say, a hard-hitting report on human growth hormone use in the NFL there. If I'm wrong (yes,it happens), feel free to send me a link to an article published on nfl.com that was critical of the league, and I'll eat my Corey Dillon poster. It's out of date anyway.

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