Monday, August 13, 2007

See You Later, Tommy Thompson

As Fz reported in the post below mine, the Iowa straw poll came out with results that were not surprising: Mitt Romney won because Fred Thompson and The Most Evil New Yorker Ever chose not to participate. Sadly, for one candidate, the Iowa straw poll spelled a clear end: Tommy Thompson dropped out of the race after placing sixth.

Thompson, who also served in the Bush Cabinet, did not meet the expectations he set for himself in the Ames Republican straw poll held Saturday.
Those "expectations" were finishing first or second in the poll. However, as stated before, this was not to be. Besides getting basically no support from Iowa republicans, Thompson wasn't able to raise a whole lot of money: according to the FEC, Thompson raised a lowly $890,000, which was ninth amongst all republican candidates.

Thompson had hoped to try to cater to voters that wanted somebody that was, you know, really conservative on money and social issues. That's all fine and dandy, but honestly, I think the fact he was at one time part of the Bush administration proved to be the ultimate kiss of death for his chances at becoming president.

Oh, and after leaving his position as the secretary for health services, he promoted Medicare reforms that would benefit the companies he was working for, but that's a whole other story.

Take care, Tommy. Now I won't get confused whenever somebody refers to the Thompson that is running for president.

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